Sitemap - 2023 - Community Trail Running

Ep. 64 The Trail Running Film Festival is back. With Adam Stevens

Ep. 63 Javelina Jundred 100k. With Jeanelle Hazlett

Ep. 62 Moab 240. With Jeff Pelletier

Ep. 61 Moab 240. With Heather "Koko" Scott

Open letter to the trail running community

Ep. 60 Running Sucks. With Raziq Rauf

Coast Mountain Trail Running announces new race!

Ep. 59 Coming back from injury. With Joanne Lee Smith

Attention Creators! The Trail Running Film Festival is open for film submissions

Ep. 58 Possibility rather than positivity. With Tanya Bottomley

Ep. 57 Revelling in Finlayson Arm. With Myke Labelle

Ep. 56 Racing for homemade cookies. With Jodi Isenor

Andrew Miller Coaching Giveaway

Ep. 55 Bigfoot 200 champ Mika Thewes

Ep. 54 Enhancing human potential. With Ryan Teigen

Ep. 53 Basil Heaney of Into Ultra

Ep. 52 The US Trail Running Conference. With Terry Chiplin

Ep. 51 Making change and growing community. With Vincent Kuber

Ep. 50 RouteArrows mark the way. With Roslyn Braun

Ep. 49 Getting to where you want to be. With Andrew Miller

Ep. 48 Toronto Trail Runners with Sean Symes

Chatting with DizRuns Radio

Ep. 47 Swiss Alps 100. With Jakob Herrmann

Ep. 46 That's a Wrap. With Jeannine Avelino

Ep. 45 LIVE at the Rio Theatre with Filsan Abdiaman

Ep. 44 The Trail Running Film Festival. With Mathias Eichler

Ep. 43 The Beast of Big Creek. With Mathias Eichler

Ep. 42 The Reality of Running. With Milo Zanecchia

Ep. 41 Max Romey of "Footprints Running Camp"

Ep. 40 Jessica Vandenbush of "Nettie from Ohio"

Ep. 39 Conquer the Vedder with Gary Robbins

Ep. 38 5 Peaks B.C. Race Director Dave Melanson

Ep. 37 Sharing Stoke. With Safder Raza

Ep. 36 True North Project. With Deon Barrett

I'm on the YouTube again, chatting about all of you!

Ep. 35 The Trail Running Film Festival is coming to Vancouver and I'm hosting

Why I love Mt. Seymour. A collaboration with Northwest Dirt Churners!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Trail Running Film Festival comes to Vancouver April 18

Ep. 34 Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. With Jeff Pelletier

Ep. 33 Sonny Peart of Black Trail Runners

Ep. 32 Mom says you need an RD?

Ep. 31 Executing awesome. With Deanne Cote of the NSMBA