Trail running community is fun. This podcast is simply an extension of it.

Photo courtesy Cayman Waughtel (From Beast of Big Creek. Hoodsport, WA)

I love how much fun trail running is. I especially love how much fun the community around trail running is! It’s inclusive and entertaining, and that’s just what this space is as well. If you’re a trail runner, fast or slow, this space is for you.

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Mission Statement

Inform, entertain, and inclusively serve as an online extension of the trail running community.

Seriously, this newsletter and podcast involve all of you!

The podcast is an extension of the trail running community and is always around 15 minutes. It features useful and entertaining guests and the show is inclusive, adventurous, and fun.

I’ve had all kinds of amazing guests on the show. It’s been a ton of fun for me to chat with folks, learn about them, and share some information and knowledge along the way. Chantelle Erickson and I had a great chat and it was great to get some insight into her coaching:

Safder Raza told me all about the safe space “Colour the Trails” was creating for trail runners and how he was involved. This was another great chat!

Finally, having the chance to chat live during the 2023 Trail Running Film Festival with Filsan Abdiaman about Project Love Run was a great honour:

There will be a heavy dose of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, as that is where I call home, but I think there will be plenty of helpful content that has a wider reach than just our small slice of Southern BC.

I’ve been trail running since ‘14 and have finished a handful of ultra runs since my first in ‘19, including the ‘21 Squamish 50/50. This newsletter started in 2021 and we even started hosting the Trail Running Film Festival in Vancouver in 2023! We will grow as it makes sense and keep community at the core.

Look for podcasts every two weeks on Mondays, with the occasional extra post thrown in. You’ll get emails right away letting you know about new posts. You can reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Strava as well. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s keep the good times (trail) running :)

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