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Ep. 45 LIVE at the Rio Theatre with Filsan Abdiaman

Ep. 45 LIVE at the Rio Theatre with Filsan Abdiaman

And a photo gallery from the The Trail Running Film Festival 2023 Vancouver, BC Screening

The 2023 Trail Running Film Festival has officially come and gone from Vancouver, BC, and it was an incredible honour to host over 340 trail runners at the historic Rio Theatre. We enjoyed the amazing films together, raised some money for BC AdventureSmart, played some games and won some prizes, and we were so grateful to have Filsan Abdiaman of Project Love Run on hand as our special guest for the evening.

The chat with Filsan was great, it was fantastic to learn about Project Love Run. I’ll admit we were both a bit nervous doing this live in front of everyone, but I think it was informative and I’m grateful for Filsan joining us and telling us a bit of her story, how Project Love Run came to be, and what’s been rewarding for her.

“Project Love Run is about celebrating different stories. It is about celebrating both difference and growth. Project Love Run in 2016 looks nothing like it does today. We’re forever learning and unlearning in community and I think that’s the best thing about Project Love Run, that constant evolution and growth.”

I feel very fortunate to live in a part of the world where there is so much opportunity for people to get on the trails in spaces they feel safe. The more people that are out there on the trails, the better. It helps keep our spaces public and the more demand we have for outdoor spaces, the more outdoor spaces we will get. I’m inspired by any of you out there organizing groups and it was very inspiring to hear Filsan talk about PLR.

You can learn more about Filsan and PLR here!

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Photo Gallery from Adam Stevens Visuals

So grateful to have Adam Stevens on hand!

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