May 30, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 11 Why you and your trail running coach should vibe. With Personal Peak coach Chantelle Erickson

"I think the number one thing is that you can trust your coach, that your personality meshes with your coach, and that your coach understands you and what your goals are."

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You are going to share a lot of personal information with your running coach if you want to benefit the most from the relationship and tutelage. Sharing all of this with someone is a huge act of trust and so it’s crucial that you and your coach have a great relationship. Personal Peak coach Chantelle Erickson preached the importance of a connection with her athletes during our interview.

“I mean, that's how we help you. And where I coach, I rejig programs all the time. It's pretty much every week I'm rejigging something. And it's those kinds of flexible things. Being able to communicate and just listen to your athletes.

I'm here to coach a person's goals and dreams. I'm here for them and to keep them on track with their goals.”

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Chantelle is living in Lethbridge, AB these days, and was a great guest who is clearly passionate about helping others. She was a terrific interview! The interview went so well and so fast that I didn’t get to the submitted questions, and for that, I apologize!

Perhaps you can reach out on her IG page and ask her a question!

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Chantelle’s Personal Peak coaching page

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