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Ep. 48 Toronto Trail Runners with Sean Symes

Ep. 48 Toronto Trail Runners with Sean Symes

The "Big Smoke" has a big trail scene

“From the first day I went out I had a blast out on the trails meeting new trail runners and I was hooked.”

Sean Symes has gone full circle with Toronto Trail Runners, from chasing leads while discovering new trails to leading groups of wide-eyed trail runners. He’s clearly passionate about the community and the sport and I had a fantastic time learning more about trail running in the city of Toronto.

Toronto is a former home of mine and a place I really enjoy, so learning about the trail running culture there was a lot of fun! Toronto is a multicultural city that celebrates its diversity and Sean takes pride in how inclusive Toronto Trail Runners is. It’s important to him as a Black Person to show other Black People that they are represented.

“Being a Black runner, there’s not too many Black People in trail running, in the trail running community. So I think it’s also good to have representation, especially in the city of Toronto, a lot of minorities might not feel comfortable joining trail sessions. So I think it’s important as myself, being a Black Person, to be a lead there to show people that there’s inclusivity on the trails.”

Toronto Trail Runners sounds like a great group to get out with and I’m going to have to look them up next time I’m spending some time in that wonderful city!

“Don’t mess with the Don” is another project Sean is working on. They organize clean-ups in the Don Valley which is a place they love to run. They are accomplishing great things and you should totally check out the website!

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