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Ep. 52 The US Trail Running Conference. With Terry Chiplin
Ep. 52 The US Trail Running Conference. With Terry Chiplin
How the conference came to be and where it plans to go

“The conference is more about inviting people to come in and have conversations about taking leadership.”

Terry Chiplin has been organizing the US Trail Running Conference for 11 years now. The conference has changed a lot over the years, now with a focused theme each year and the idea is the conference is a platform for all involved to grow the sport. This year that platform is taking place in Mukilteo, WA, from October 18-20 and the theme is creating sustainable events within trail running. Terry is excited about the group getting together and seeing what happens.

“We do everything in the one room. We have the meetings, the presentations, the discussions and the expo all happen in one room. We deliberately set it up this way so that people get really connected. It’s not just about, “Oh hi, I like your product”. You end up having really deep meaningful conversations.”

Terry is really proud of how far the conference has come and is really excited at the prospect of where it can go. He’s looking for the next leaders to step forward and take the conference into the future but he's enjoying the journey too. The future is seemingly bright for trail running and the conference will continue to find ways to celebrate and evolve the sport.

Find out more and get involved here.

If you’re heading to the conference, let me know! I’d love to hear from you and perhaps we can meet up :)

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