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Ep. 43 The Beast of Big Creek. With Mathias Eichler

Ep. 43 The Beast of Big Creek. With Mathias Eichler

The Race Director paints a picture

“At the Big Creek campground, just above Lake Cushman, which sits above Hoodsport, which sits above the Hood Canal, which is right on the edge of the Olympic Mountains, on the Southeastern side of the Olympic Penninsula, right by the staircase entrance of the Olympic National Park, about an hour away from Olympia WA, which sits about halfway between Seattle and Portland, in the Pacific Northwest, of the West coast of North America.”

Mathias Eichler is the Rock Candy Running Race Director and The Beast of Big Creek is one of their events happening in Hoodsport, WA, on Saturday, August 5! The Beast is also a sponsor for our screening of the Trail Running Film Festival which happens tomorrow here in Vancouver, BC! Mathias is the Executive Director for the film festival and we will chat about that tomorrow on the podcast. Today’s episode is about this incredibly fun-sounding race. The race itself sounds incredible and Mathias really loves to bring the community together as an RD.

“To provide that experience for runners. Being able to create these adventures that people can have and safely have, and enjoyable to them. Allowing them to push themselves in that way. I think that’s super rewarding and something I value extremely. “

The race itself has two options, a shorter forest loop and a longer summit route. The summit route takes runners up into the alpine and offers up plenty of challenges. The event sounds like a total blast and I’m registered myself. I can’t wait to get down there and see what this race is all about!

Remember to check out tomorrow’s episode as well when Mathias and I chat about the film festival.

Film Festival - 6 pm Tuesday, April 18 at the Rio Theatre

Click here for tickets!

Our sponsors include:

5 Peaks

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Beast of Big Creek

Ridgeline Athletics

Thursty Elk Trail Race

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We’re busy getting ready for The Big Night! Tuesday, April 18 at the Rio Theatre where the doors will open at 6 pm and the show starts at 7 pm.

Click here for tickets!

We have 9 great films to watch, awesome door prizes, a 50/50 in support of SAR, and even some special treats courtesy of Tailwind Nutrition for the first people in the theatre, so show up early!

There is also…

Film Festival Special Guest Filsan Abdiaman

We’re so excited to chat with Filsan Abdiaman as our special guest! Filsan started Project Love Run which is “a running collective for all self-identified womxn seeking a space to connect with others and their own minds and bodies”. We can’t wait to learn more at the film festival. The film festival is going to be a great time and I can’t wait to hang out with all of you!

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