May 8 • 15M

Ep. 47 Swiss Alps 100. With Jakob Herrmann

The Swiss-American Race Director gives us the history of the event and what you can expect in the future

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Adam Lee
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“I know what those runners go through. What they have to do in order to succeed is just mind-boggling. So my favorite part is every year from 9 a.m. Saturday till 9 a.m. Sunday for 24 hours, I'm at the finish line. Everybody who finishes, I congratulate, high five, hug, I give the medals. I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it. It’s amazing.”

Jakob Herrman is an experienced trail runner who has run an incredible amount of races. This has led to a base of knowledge that the Swiss-born trail runner has used extensively for his race-directing practices, particularly his own race, the Swiss Alps 100. This race has evolved over the years and these days offers many different distances, and disciplines… You can literally hang glide as part of the Swiss Alps 100.

“The fun part is we have a tracker for every single participant for safety. And every ten seconds, the position is updated and you have a big map. You see all these points where everybody is. It's super interesting. And it's kind of funny because once in a while you see somebody falling down really fast and I'm like, I hope it's a flyer, not some runner falling down the cliffs.”

Thankfully it’s just been the fliers so far!

Jakob was an awesome guest and the Swiss Alps 100 sounds absolutely amazing. It’s definitely on my list now and hopefully, I can make it happen sooner than later! I hope you enjoy the conversation and are as intrigued about this race as I am.

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