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Ep. 44 The Trail Running Film Festival. With Mathias Eichler

Ep. 44 The Trail Running Film Festival. With Mathias Eichler

It's the big day and we chat with the executive producer about the festival

“Every step of the way we are building community and we are delivering. I’ve not heard anybody that’s been disappointed.”

Mathias Eichler is back! The man who wears all the hats puts on the Trail Running Film Festival Executive Producer hat as we chat all about the festival, which is happening here in Vancouver, BC, tonight! The Rio Theatre is set to host us with the doors opening at 6 and the show starting at 7. We have 9 great films to watch, awesome door prizes, a 50/50 in support of SAR, and even some special treats courtesy of Tailwind Nutrition for the first people in the theatre, so show up early! Mathias was a great guest to chat with and he is super pumped about what the film festival represents.

“We are staying true to our mission. I think the perfect balance would be inspiration and challenge. You need inspiration, you need that feeling of excitement and hype… The other piece though is you want to be challenged… You want to be confronted with reality as well.”

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I can’t believe the big night is finally here! I can’t wait to see you all at the theatre tonight. It’s going to be a blast to celebrate our community together. Say hi if you see me and I hope you all have a great night out.

There is also…

Film Festival Special Guest Filsan Abdiaman

We’re so excited to chat with Filsan Abdiaman as our special guest! Filsan started Project Love Run which is “a running collective for all self-identified womxn seeking a space to connect with others and their own minds and bodies”. We can’t wait to learn more at the film festival. The film festival is going to be a great time and I can’t wait to hang out with all of you!

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Music by REDproductions from Pixabay.

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