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Ep. 49 Getting to where you want to be. With Andrew Miller
Ep. 49 Getting to where you want to be. With Andrew Miller
"Running for the sake of running" is the name of the game

“Helping people see that running is just a chance to go have fun. It's a chance to go see what you’re capable of, but there is no obligation to do certain things, especially, just because you’ve done them in the past, It doesn’t mean you need to do it again in the future.”

Andrew Miller has been trail running for 15 years and has been the youngest ever to win Western States (2016) along the way. He’s also a coach who loves to volunteer and give back to the community in any way that he can. His wealth of experience comes through many ups and downs over the years, including after winning Western States and feeling unexpected pressure. He’s realized how he finds joy in the sport and he loves the ability to share his experience through coaching.

“It just gets me excited. Seeing people do races, especially people who are running an ultra or a new distance for the first time. Also, I like numbers. I like building training plans. I could look at running numbers all day long. So for me, that works out pretty well.”

Andrew was a great guest and I really enjoyed hearing about his trail running journey so far. You can check out his website and what he has to offer as a coach. Reach out to him and see if it’s a good fit for your trail running goals here.

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Community Trail Running

Community Trail Running

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