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Ep. 56 Racing for homemade cookies. With Jodi Isenor
Ep. 56 Racing for homemade cookies. With Jodi Isenor
No kitchen party but plenty of scenic kilometres in these East Coast races

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Jodi and Karine Isenor are the organizers of “Nova Scotia Trail Running” and they’ve been doing so for over a decade! Besides luring people to their starts lines by offering delicious homemade cookies, they also offer up all kinds of distances throughout the year and different formats like “Backyard” style. I was thrilled to chat with Jodi about the races and challenges they face along the way. It was also enjoyable to hear about the state of trail running on the East Coast, what Jodi’s favourite part of race directing is, and what his favourite course is.

“The Capes 100 course. It's beautiful. It has exposed high ground with great views of the ocean and of the Mabou Highlands. It's hands down, in my opinion, the best trail network in the province. It's all beautifully taken care of single-track. It's a network of about 30 kilometers, which is maintained by the Mabou Hiking Trails group and it's in an amazing part of the province, not just scenery-wise, but the locals, and they're not even runners, but they're just curious to see what is going on in their community. We befriended a bunch of locals and that's just a super fun part of it as well.”

Nova Scotia Trail Running has 7 races from February to November and it’s clear that Jodi and Karine are very passionate about these races and this community. If you’re on the East Coast and looking to run, find out what race(s) are for you and sign up!

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