Sitemap - 2022 - Community Trail Running

CTR celebrates our first paying subscriber and our first calendar year!

Ep. 30 Sunshine Coast Trail with Ean Jackson

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ep. 29 Recognizing a need and finding a strength. With Dave Cressman

Ep. 28 The "Wow" factor with Kara Delwo

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read the Trail Running Film Festival needs entries!

Blumaka Konnect insoles get their independent test results. (SPOILER) They're real good.

Community Trail Running is chatting like it's ICQ up in here! Let's hear your year in review

Ep. 27 Vertical Kilometre Challenge. With James Stewart and Brian Clements

Ep. 26 Chasing Cutoffs with Ben Mead

Ep. 25 Running into year two. A one year anniversary episode

Ep. 24-2 AdventureSmart this Winter for our friends at SAR. Continuing with BC AdventureSmart Executive Director Sandra Riches

Ep. 24-1 Being AdventureSmart for our friends at SAR. With BC AdventureSmart Executive Director Sandra Riches

Ep. 23 It's time to make gains. With Clinical Exercise Physiologist Kylie Morgan

Ep. 22 Relay - "The best place on the internet for running content." With Matt Chittim

Ep. 21 Keep'n it Won-Hundred. With Katie Mills, Hilary Spires and Tara Holland!

Dear Abby, er, Adam...

Community Race Recommendations

Ep. 20 Finlayson Arm Preview! With Hilary Spires and Myke Labelle

Ep. 19 "I want to get more women on start lines because racing is more than running." With Sophie Power of SheRACES

Ep. 18 "You can't name any sport where slipping is helpful to performance." With Stuart Jenkins of Blumaka

Ep. 17 Squamish 50 preview! With Jeannine Avelino and Jeanelle Hazlett

Ep. 16 Why not stop and have pasta and wine at mile 16? With Sarah Lavender Smith

Seasonal race recommendations from you!

Ep. 15 Run to Galiano Island

Run to Galiano Island

Inappropriate Trail (name) Thursday Thread

Ep. 14 Mental Performance Consultant and OUTrun Cofounder Addie Bracy

Engineering your trail running brain to run easier

Ep. 13 Trail running tips from trail runners

Trail running tips from trail runners

Ep. 1(B) The Community Trail Running Newsletter

Ep. 00 Community Trail Running Podcast Trailer

Ep. 12 Last trail runner standing. With Capital Backyard Ultra Champion Scott Snell

Chatting like I'm on a long run

Motivation is fake

Ep. 11 Why you and your trail running coach should vibe. With Personal Peak coach Chantelle Erickson

Trail running nutrition made easy

Out There

Look mom! I'm on... ET2Media's YouTube page!

A call out for trail running tips from trail runners

Ep. 10 Why create a trail running race? With Race Director Mathias Eichler

Ep. 9 How do I eat while training to be a trail runner? With Nutritionist Kristen Yarker

Trail running is none of your business (until it is)

Trail running is the best. Part II

Ep. 8 A coach can make you a better trail runner. With Ridgeline Athletics coach Jeanelle Hazlett

Trail running is the best. Part I

Ep. 7 How do you make an awesome trail running documentary? With Erick Thompson

Ep. 0 A trail running podcast teaser

Ep. 6 Can you set a world record for hiking if you can't even stand up? With Carl "Professor" Stanfield

Ep. 5 You stood in the rain how long?! With trail running photographer Ty Holtan

Ep. 4 How do you make your trail race awesome? With Race Director Myke Labelle

What does trail running mean to you?

Ep. 3 Why is Strength Training important for trail running? With Kylie Morgan

Salomon trail labs

Ultra tips from ultra runners