Jun 13, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 12 Last trail runner standing. With Capital Backyard Ultra Champion Scott Snell

"It's an emotional roller coaster ride. It's sleep deprivation, it's exhaustion, it's mental fatigue. It's everything in between."

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Adam Lee
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Scott Snell ran 254.167 miles (409.04 km) in just under 62 hours (finishing 62 yards) to capture the Capital Backyard Ultra title on May 28, 2022. An absolutely incredible feat that he accomplished without a crew!

Scott faced some highs and lows but managed to outlast a talented and deep field. His lows were tough and although he didn’t have any crew on hand, he explained there is always one person he knows that will tell him what he needs to hear.

“I called my wife and I was like, look, I think I'm going to quit. I'm done. I'm tired of this. And she reminded me that the reason I was there, what I said I was going to do was keep going until either I’m the last one or until I time out, whichever comes first.”

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Scott spoke glowingly of his wife’s support and about what Lazarus Lake has meant to ultra running. Laz was helping Scott get a few winks of sleep since he didn’t have a crew on hand. The famous race director also wrote a really awesome race update going into the 59th yard that you should read for yourself. It’s so cool how inspired Laz was seemingly feeling from Scott’s run. Scott is an easy guy to cheer for! Follow along and cheer him on as well here on his IG page.

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Music by Skilsel from Pixabay