Community Trail Running
Community Trail Running
Ep. 1(B) The Community Trail Running Newsletter

Ep. 1(B) The Community Trail Running Newsletter

Ultrapostie, we hardly knew ye

Hello and welcome to the Community Trail Running Newsletter!

Sorry for the mass of emails the last couple of days, everything should be back to normal after this. Things are going to look slightly different around here with a new logo and name, but everything else is business as usual.

“Community Trail Running” is more straight-forward than “Ultrapostie thoughts in my head”. Simple as that. I’d like to grow the community here and a simple name that gets straight to the point is a more direct path.

Mission Statement

Inform, entertain, and inclusively serve as an online extension of the trail running community.

This is what the newsletter will continue to be all about.

Posts will still come out on the same days. Mondays for podcasts and Wednesdays for written pieces, with the occasional extra thrown in. I’m absolutely loving getting the opportunity to share with all of you!

A huge thank you to SK Designs for the new logo. I love it and the few variations I have. I will cycle through all of them I’m sure!

If you enjoy my newsletter, I would really appreciate it if you could like, share, subscribe, or comment! I’m trying to make this the best trail running newsletter it can be and I certainly appreciate your time. Thank you all and happy trails.

Community Trail Running
Community Trail Running
A 15-minute (ish) trail running podcast featuring informative and entertaining guests. Trail running is inclusive, adventurous, and fun. So is this podcast. This podcast is part of the Community Trail Running newsletter and extends the trail running community for your listening pleasure.