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Ep. 97 The dog and pony show. With Houda and Fitzy (and Arden)

Ep. 97 The dog and pony show. With Houda and Fitzy (and Arden)

Shoutout to Ryan the responsible one

“So Fitzy, of course, sleeps in. He's like, “hey, where's my ride, Houda?” I'm like, “it's already gone, Fitzy.” He's like, “how am I going to get there?” So long story short, Fitzy made his way from the bottom of the mountain, hiked to the very top. It's 12,500 feet, so it's cold, right? He didn't bring nothing but a onesie, right? A onesie. That's all he brought. Cowboy boots and cowboy hat.” - Houda

Kevin “Houda” McDonald and Michael “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick call Canmore, Alberta, home and have become great friends. A big part of that friendship is their mutual love of trail running. Houda is a race director for many races including the 5 Peaks Alberta races and the Transrockies races and Fitzy created Canmore Trail Culture. They are also a blast to chat with as they play off each other and their stories. It’s evident they’ve known each other for a while and shared some laughs along the way! It was entertaining chatting with them, to say the least, and it was also nice to hear a bit about why they enjoy the sport so much.

“In Canmore, there wasn't really anywhere to meet people. So I wanted to kind of create something that, somebody new to town could come and, get to know the trails and hopefully meet people. I think the community that we've created in the trail running community has been pretty special. For myself, some of my best friends I met through the group. That's what keeps me here is, just the people that I've met, and also the world class trails around this area.” - Fitzy

I’m really looking forward to our show in Canmore. The opportunity to partner with artsPlace is really cool and it’s gonna be great hanging out with trail runners in the Rockies! Our amazing sponsors also have some race entries up for grabs as we’re incredibly grateful for the support of 5 Peaks, Stoked Scramble, Stoked Ultra, and the Black Lung Ultra. There will be Näak for the first 12 people through the doors and a chance to win a Näak prize pack. Run Uphill/Ski Uphill have been kind enough to donate a few gift cards. And on top of all of that, Houda is also giving us entires to Golden Ultra and Moab Run the Rocks to giveaway. It’s gonna be a blast, get your tickets…

Alberta Trail Running Film Festival tickets available

Tuesday, June 4, 2024, Edmonton (Garneau Theatre) $25

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, Calgary (Globe Cinema) $25

Thursday, June 6, 2024, Canmore (Partnering with artsPlace) $25 (members receive a discount)

Friday, June 7, 2024, Crowsnest Pass (Blairmore) (Frank Slide Interpretive Centre partnering with Sinister Sports) $25

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