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Ep. 91 Rivers Edge Running Series. With Bryan Wallace

Ep. 91 Rivers Edge Running Series. With Bryan Wallace

Supplying the fun for others now that he's done running himself

“I couldn't do it without my wife and a whole host of volunteers, of course, dedicated volunteers that have been with me from the start. It is really a labour of love.”

Bryan Wallace started running later in life but enjoyed it thoroughly. We loved the challenge and the community. So as he got older and his body wasn’t able to keep trail running, he started hosting runners and putting them through tough challenges with Rivers Edge Running Series. It’s something he is enjoying and that’s led him to organize three different races. Each one is unique and an opportunity for trail runners to come together and push themselves, including “Hill of a Run” which was recently hosted at Rabbit HIll Snow Resort.

“We basically run up and down the hill on snow after they're closed. We go for a 5K, two loops, 10K, four loops, or see how many times you can go in six hours. 160 m elevation gain it's just a small hill and the record in six hours is 19 loops which is quite significant. We get more people doing the six hour then the shorter distances.”

Bryan was fun to chat with and he loves the chance to share Debbie’s (his wife) baked goods and the trails on their property. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

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I’m incredibly excited to be able to hang out with more of you and share the film festival vibes. Our dates are:

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Click on the links above for the FB event pages to keep up to date. Keep an eye peeled for official announcements as we will let you know the moment these become official and tickets are listed for sale. I’m so pumped to hang out with you all!


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