Apr 25, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 9 How do I eat while training to be a trail runner? With Nutritionist Kristen Yarker

Eat your fruits and veggies. Lots of them.

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Adam Lee
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Kristen Yarker shared some awesome sports nutrition information!

Nutritionist Kristen Yarker shared great information about how to eat while training. She tells us how to ensure our body is recovering and getting enough out of what we eat to help us make forward progress!

“Aiming for a good 6 servings of vegetables or fruit a day is an important one. And the next one is just getting enough food (or calories) in general. The third one is hydration. If you’ve arrived at your training already dehydrated, you can’t make up for that.”

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Kristen runs a team of registered dieticians, she’s written a cookbook, she is well versed in all things nutrition, and in this chat, she shared a wide range of sports nutrition information. She is a wealth of knowledge and also, a really easy person to chat with! I hope you enjoy the chat and the information as much as I did.

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I was also once again able to take some questions from Twitter!

I absolutely love being able to share your questions as I love to be able to provide the information you are thinking about :) So watch out and follow me on the various channels, so you can get your questions in there in the future as well!

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