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Ep. 53 Basil Heaney of Into Ultra

Ep. 53 Basil Heaney of Into Ultra

Finding ways to get those who can't afford the sport into the sport

“It’s just been an absolute roller coaster 3 months. Lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of mistakes as well, but hopefully we’re learning from them, we’re getting better from them.”

Sometimes you know you have a good idea but it’s not until you put it out in the world that you realize how good it really is. This is the case for Into Ultra which just recently launched and has been caught up in a whirlwind of support. It’s a great problem to have for an organization. Into Ultra helps get more people ultrarunning by covering the costs for those less able to afford it. Basil Heaney is a Co-Founder of the group and tells me they want to get more people involved in ultra running and right now that means making the sport more accessible.

“We launched and essentially we’re trying to support people to get into ultra running who can’t afford it. That could be race entries, or coaching, or kit, or courses. It’s not a cheap thing to get into ultra running as we all know, particularly when you get into the longer stuff.”

Into Ultra is UK based (and they plan to stay that way) and just getting started. The vision is to find ways to break down barriers for as many people as possible to get into the sport and I truly love this idea. Working towards making our sport as inclusive as possible is a great thing and I’m excited to see where Into Ultra goes!

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