May 9, 2022 • 14M

Ep. 10 Why create a trail running race? With Race Director Mathias Eichler

"To be able to build a race and allow people to experience trails in a safe environment, makes it really special and totally the focus of what I’m trying to achieve."

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Adam Lee
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Mathias Eichler is involved in trail running in all kinds of ways, as he runs and hosts a podcast (Singletrack), so directing a race doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for the man now calling Olympia, Washington, home. We had a chance to chat about his Rock Candy Running races which run from July to December in and around Olympia.

“It’s something very new and I’m super excited about it and I’m putting everything I have into it. "

Mathias is a super creative guy and the opportunity to create a race from scratch is something he loves. It was so fun to hear the passion he has for these races and I’m sure it’s going to be a complete blast to take part in any of them. It’s clear he’s invested himself in these races in a big way.

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Rock Candy Running Schedule:

July 23 - Beast of Big Creek (Half marathon and 7m)

August 6 - Little Backyard Adventure (6 hour challenge)

September 17 - Rock Candy Mountain Run (12 hour challenge)

December 17 - Saturnalia (10km)

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